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AUDIT Ortman s.r.o.

Welcome to AUDIT Ortman s.r.o. website. We are a Czech consultancy firm, which performs not only audits, but also a broad range of other services in the field of financing.

AUDIT Ortman s.r.o., specializes in providing standard and international audit services, was established on 2nd February 1994. The partner of the Company is Ing. Pavel Ortman, who is a Czech auditor with licence No. 1106 and an appraiser with many years’ experience. He has been a court-appointed expert certified in the field of accounting (since 1988) a nd mergers and acquisitions (since 2012).

Why US

Advantage of the services provided by AUDIT Ortman, s.r.o. is their complexity, continuality and focus on maximum client benefit. . We do not understand an auditing company to be a mere verification of the statement of balances at the end of a calendar year, but as:

  • a permanent contact with the client throughout the year and a long term development the relationship between the client and the auditing firm, basic indicator of which is mutual correctness, trust and protection of owners’ economic interests
  • continuous care to keep the accounting books methodically correct and in accordance with current legislation
  • an assurance that current problems will be resolved within two days
  • a development of internal system of checks to reveal possibilities for creating potential errors in circulation and processing of accounting receipts, business activity, in management and protection of property.

During performance of standard and international audit our company bases its work on the Regulations of The Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic and on international audit standards.

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