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  • auditor services
  • tax counsel
  • accounting services
  • legal and methodological services
  • services of “financial health examination”
  • evaluation model to determine a company’s financial health diagnosis
  • assessment of companies, mergers, investments into business property
  • assessment of settlement shares
  • assessment of business shares
  • assessment of company market value
  • establishment of joint venture
  • establishment of a company
  • dissolution of a company
  • legal tax and fiscal due diligence
  • appraisal of property prices for a company, intangible and fiscal property k

All services have an objective to rank among the best on the market. In working with our clients we respect the specifics of their business field.

Current audit is a complex matter and therefore requires complex and highly expert knowledge. High expertise and complex knowledge enable us to provide a much broader range of services than just a verification of accounting statements or provision of counseling in the field of bookkeeping. We have the following additional services in mind:

  • abbreviated screening of accounting statements – this differs from an audit generally by the fact that an auditor does not issue a statement, but comments main areas of accounting statements and states the principal findings including possible proposals for adjustments. This abbreviated screening is intended for those companies that are not subject to mandatory audit by law.
  • verification whether all contract terms were observed as far as financial or economic aspect of these contracts.
  • in case of raising nominal capital – verification of accounting operations for register courts
  • services in the field of forensic (investigative) audit, which include consultancy in prevention of fraud that represents an analysis of whether internal systems of checks within a given company are designed and operating so as to minimize risks of fraud establishment, or consultations on individual unusual operations.
  • we can act as arbiters in extrajudicial settlements of disputes
  • providing services for internal audit. This regards implementation or improvement of internal audit function.

Associates of AUDIT Ortman s.r.o. provide a broad expert background of accounting experts and in case of need are able to contribute to an instant solution of problems with legal or expert issues, or will possibly provide representation by an attorney at law or tax advisor.

We are aware of the required level of expertise to verify final accounts even during a permanent audit throughout the year. We are convinced that we are able to fulfill the selection of services offered by us in such a quality, which of course will be expected of us.

The legal basis for our possible cooperation would be a contract, which will clearly define the scope of our fulfillment, price of fulfillment, as well as the extent of our liabilities. We provide pricing discounts for long term cooperation.

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